The Sony digital camera features a 12x optical zoom and 2x digital zoom. Sharpness levels were right where I like them — not too sharp, not too soft. I’ve owned an H5 for a number of years and love the image quality. If you flip through photos really quickly there may be a low resolution placeholder shown for a second or so before the high res version appears. Number one, noise levels get noticeably worse.

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I didn’t find vignetting dark corners to be a problem, and corner blurriness was minimal. Filmmaker Jimmy Chin has worked all over the world, in some of the most remote places on earth. The colors are accurate and everything has a “smooth” look to it. Double-clicking on any image brings up the edit window. Escura Instant 60s is a retro-inspired instant camera that doesn’t need batteries.

Sony Cyber-shot H5 Review: Digital Photography Review

Not everybody wants or needs a full frame sensor, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up pro-level performance on your camera. Keeping with the “big” theme, Sony managed to cram a 3-inch LCD on the back of the H5 ds larger than anything in its class, save for the Samsung Pro This moves the lens very quickly perhaps too quicklytaking just 1.


This lets you use a white or gray card to get perfect color in any lighting. Nov 6, AF performance is otherwise good, except in low light where hunting can lead to missed shots. The DSC-H5’s documentation is split into two parts. I’ve noticed this issue on several other Sony cameras this year.

I liked them then and I like them now. It is handsome, but awkward to use. The best lenses for Sony mirrorless cameras.

The focus button lets you choose from multi-point, center, and flexible spot autofocus, or you can forget those and set the focus distance manually. Try them all out and see which one you like using the most! The H5 can shoot as high as ISO 1, obviating the need for flash and its inherent red-eye.

High chromatic aberration lens distortion, noticeable in some images at the edges Slightly warm skin tones Auto white balance had a hard time with household incandescent lighting Rather contrasty default tone curve Vsc noise high at ISO and up; at and 1, images are almost unusable Anti-noise processing trades away some subtle subject detail at all ISO levels Control layout allows for easy accidental activation of too many controls.

Sony DSC-H5

In continuous mode it’s activated as soon as you halfway press the shutter release, which makes composing your photo a bit easier.

Photographer Thomas Hawk explains why he believes Flickr’s move to limit users to 1, on free accounts is the sonh move.


Sony launches AlphaAlpha and Alpha The numbering is maintained as you erase and swap Memory Sticks. Or just jabbing you in the chest hence my preference for a wrist strap. Luminar gets new AI Sky Enhancer tool for creating dramatic skies. Tracking lags behind the D, mirrorless competition. Noise levels are low here, and the buildings are nice and sharp.

Nothing to see here, unless you count that little rubber door through which you feed the DC coupler cord for the AC adapter. Skip to main content.

Let’s move on to dony zoom controller at the top-right of the photo. Whether you’ve grown tired of what came with your DSLR, or want to start photographing different subjects, a new lens is probably in order. Zoom was not as smooth as butter on a summer afternoon, but it was controllable. Be the first to write one! The only expandability related features that are missing are a hot shoe and support for an underwater case.