Here we see the extra memory bandwidth of the KTA pulling its weight. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. I was a bit sceptical of its position at first, but, in my case at least, it seems to get the ATX connector out of the way very well seeing as though the ATX connector is the most bulky connector you’ll attach to a motherboard and also the most inflexible making a poor connector placement an extra hassle. It’s certainly eye catching, that’s for sure. Okay, back to the board

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Performance on the MSI never dropped below the performance of the KG7-RAID when the performance issues had been ironed out so we can say with confidence that it’s faster than that board. Quake3 and 3DMark respond well to the new chipset giving us the broad impression that most OpenGL and Direct3D game performance will increase.

The jumperless aspect of the board is great since fiddling around on with jumpers to adjust things that the BIOS was made pr2o take care of is silly. The version used doesn’t detect the Athlon MP correctly, complaining of an unknown processor stepping code. A couple of BIOS tweaks and a kt7266 going over and that should be that.

V-MAP chips are the same size and have the same pin compatible layout that makes this possible. Windows 98, while having little testing on this motherboard, seems to be OK.

This board was installed fully in a case and since it shares the exact same mounting points as should all similar sized motherboards conforming to the ATX spec as the previous occupant of the ;ro2, the Abit KG7-RAID, installation was simple. From the diagram, we can also see the VT Southbridge implements AC’97 and MC’97 audio and modem facilities of which the manufacturer of a motherboard using this chip provides the headers and support for.


I always like to take a look at the layout of the motherboards that pass through my system. Sandra Memory Benchmark 9 x Sandra Memory Bandwidth Benchmark 9 x So there we have them, the numbers most people will be looking for. However they ARE quicker and that’s what we are expecting.

The problem exists under Windows too, but not to the same extent. It kk7t266 among the slowest chipsets around and it had one k7r266 problem – when the bus speed exceeded MHz, USB devices stopped working. Okay, back to the board While I think comparing temperatures, even across identical motherboards proo2 a futile exercise, being able to measure CPU temperature as accurately as possible on the board l7t266 use is very important and the MSI can’t hope to do this unfortunately.

The indicators are located right next to the audio and multimedia ports and as well, on the PC-to-PC USB bracket so they can be viewed from the outside of the case.

I wish these extra connectors would run parallel to the vertical edge i7t266 that’s only personal preference. We’ll be looking to add a Flask encoding run to future reviews if possible to illustrate the performance increases across a new chipset or CPU.

And using the supplied WDM driver for the Live! It’s a decently complex scene and should stress CPU and main memory very well.

MSI K7T266 Pro2 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT266A Series

When VIA first announced their DDR chipset the KT, msii whole hardware community was gearing up for quite an intense battle among the chipset makers. Considering this, here’s the formal spec for the chipset. It’s simple to attach your own fan, but it’s always nice to see these things as standard. The top left placement is a good choice however and gets my thumbs up. A smart move on VIA’s part indeed. I must stress that the layout of motherboard is pure personal taste and some problem item in one case might be perfect in another.


So what of this new chipset?

MSI K7T Pro2-RU – VIA KTA Motherboard Roundup – January

At any rate, it is so far from being slow! The immense room around the socket will please users of waterblocks, Swiftech’s and VapoChill units. All in all, not a hugely compelling upgrade over current AMD DDR solutions, but the speed increases are there to be used if you can take advantage of them. I don’t know whether it’s the test configuration since other reviews of this board seem to have great performance and there may very well be issues running the KTA on the test setup we’re using here.

MSI K7T Pro2, AMD Motherboard | eBay

It also seems like the BIOS setup is critical. Analysing the layout I always like to mi a look at the layout of the motherboards that pass through my system. With 3DMark testing overall CPU, memory and graphics performance and Sandra providing the synthetic numbers, we have pretty much all bases covered.