We have to set the proper parameters for the serial connection to get it in sync with the plotter. Pull the media tray out of the plotter and put media into the tray so the media is under the metal tabs in the right and left corners of the tray. To do this, we use the somewhat cryptic and low level stty utility. If you think you set it up correctly and it didn’t work, try checking all the settings and rebooting a few times. I can’t believe so, because both parameters can also be set on the plotter, and there the ranges are only 1—8 anfor force, and 10—80 infor speed in steps of five.

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That did the trick for me. The cable may be pinned out incorrectly. The LCD should then read:. It amazes me how precise this plotter is. This should take care of the physical connection, but now we have to set up the software so that the two machines can actually communicate. The plotter will either stop completely or start to plot strange characters, lines or exhibit 7550s random behavior.

Hewlett Packard HP A 8 Pen Graphics Plotter | eBay

To do this, we use the somewhat cryptic and low level stty utility. Next I tweaked the AWK script above to plot force and 7550aa using the range of the plotter itself. The strange thing about the serial interface on the A is that it doesn’t use the industry standard 9-pin connector, but a pins connector of the kind usually used for parallel ports.


Tell me what you’re looking for and I can help find solutions. I haven’t looked into installing the plotter in CUPS or some such, serial works for me and it’s hard to see how the interconnect could be any more streamlined than this.

HP Computer Museum

Asia Pacific and Oceania. Another thing I would like to do someday is make a pencil mount and convert my plotter to a pencil 7550x. The Electronics faculty of Delft University of Technology has a strange way to get rid of their obsolete equipment. How does HP install software and gather data? Javascript is disabled in this browser. Please try again shortly. Javascript is disabled in this browser.

They put everything on the side of the road in big containers and wait for people to clear them out. See your browser’s documentation for specific instructions. This plotteg due to solid engineering and the giant sanded wheels used to handle the paper. Update 19 August If I ever get round to those projects, you’ll read about it here.

It’s just catting pkotter file to the serial port, what could be easier?

Getting a HP 7550A plotter to work under Linux

That will give you some info on the current settings. Okay, so we have the plotter up and running, now what can we do with it? That would definitely be an plotetr project to work on.


My computer uses the standard 9-pin connector for its serial port. Try decreasing the baud rate on the plotter and in the software so that data is sent at a slower speed.

Both plotters size media automatically so there are no selections to set on the plotters for the different paper sizes.

Support Forum Join the conversation! If I’m not mistaken, all the bits in a data frame are added up and produce a 1 or a 0 if the sum is odd or even. The serial settings are a bit hard to get right, but in the end I got everything up and running with the help of old Plottdr postings and various obscure websites.

After checking all the serial settings, press the Next Display button twice to return to the default display. During the last one, I came across the giant HP A pen plotter that’s the subject of this page. This bit is then plottef with the data, so that the plotger machine can run the same check on the data and see if it matches with the sent bit.