These devices adopt bio-based plastic parts that use cellulose obtained from wood-based material rather than plant-based material. You can print your documents by simply entering your ID and password on an MFD or entering a seven digit print reservation number as a shared user, without the trouble of setting a printer driver or network each time. Our approach helps to orchestrate and harness the use of mobile devices in your business, bringing them into a framework that can be secured, controlled, and governed to protect your organisation from risk, while allowing people on your team to work in their own unique style. The devices have evolved to become even quieter than previous models. On top of performing authentication without using an IC card, the operation screen can be customised to the preference of each user. Stapling Stapling multiple pages documents, such as meeting materials into sets, is available. Transcending Differences in Scope and Skill Transcending differences in scope and skill Effective solutions offered to resolve your challenges.

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Fuji Xerox | ApeosPort VI

Smart power saving divides the MFD into four units the document feeder, control panel, output unit, and controllerand only powers up the units whatever is currently required. Digitising a large quantity of documents is troublesome… Ruji and utilising standard documents invoices, contracts, and orders, etc. Achieving outstanding TEC values These devices achieve 0.

Even if the device is always set to sleep mode, which offers excellent energy saving performance, it can be used immediately without compromising user convenience. It achieves an astonishing high-speed scanning of pages per minute. You can handle the customer’s requests efficiently, securely, and quickly on the spot.


ApeosPort-IV C5580 Drivers & Downloads

It can also be integrated with an in-house print room to ensure that large documents are not being produced on smaller office devices which are not optimised for high-volume production. Image Gateway for Apeos. Optimised device operations help reduce the number of devices in the office.

Simply put, it is an employee and customer eccentric approach to change the environment you work in. In addition to digitising large quantities of documents, schematics can be quickly folded so that they are suitable for filing.

It is made up of a number of different modules allowing fji a tailored solution to meet your individual requirements. You do not need a special server to use this function.

Even more zpeos is the new toner, which grain size is one of the smallest in the industry.

Devices are equipped with a duplex automatic document feeder that can scan both sides of a document at once. The orientation of my scanned images are off by 90 degrees. The standard tray can handle paper between 52 to gsm. With Smart Work Gateway, you can boost ruji, remove barriers, and give yourself the freedom to organise how you wish to work. In addition, users who are not registered in the server such as a temporary staff can also be permitted use the MFDs.

Fuji Xerox | Image Gateway for Apeos

Contact our sales team. Contact our sales team. Within this module, documents are only printed when the user releases them from the MFD, by using a swipe card or entering a code.

Home Image Gateway for Apeos. In addition to printing envelopes, this MFD can satisfy your needs for printing sales promotion materials such as POP and packaging in small lots. Overview Smart Work Gateway is a new way of working.

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E-mails are sent to your smartphone or tablet device so that you can check your faxes when you’re on the go. ApeosPort VI Contact our sales team We make it easy for you to purchase products, supplies and services from us.

ApeosPort-IV C5570 Drivers & Downloads

Punch A hole punch process can be used for filing documents in binders. Your can setup your device while looking at help information on paper or a mobile device instead of from the control guji. Our extensive network of representatives can help you choose the right solutions for your business needs.

Allowing you to print stored photo albums, web pages or shoot and print on the go from your iOS or Android device. It changes how you manage your workplace and helps you re-imagine your operations and streamline your communications, setting a new standard in usability.

Portable Document Format Download Resource. Scanned documents don’t reach my new PC On top of performing authentication without using an IC card, the operation screen can be customised to the preference of each user. Operations for the batch scanning of documents, dividing by blank page or QR code, sorting by QR code, and assigning filenames can also be achieved. This enables investigations to proceed smoothly should a confidential document be leaked.