That is their limitation and not ours. The Digi, Digi and Digi have already been sent off to be smelted down for there metal. In order to reset Reason, switch to a Buffer Size setting other than , close Reason, reboot your computer, and launch Reason. Don’t be mad at the Cakewalk guys You’re seriously better off getting a decent independent card for Sonar.

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Pro Tools TDM 6. Doing so will cause unexpected errors to occur.

Download Digidesign WaveDriver & ASIO Drivers by Digidesign

If it requires something that Blue-screens the computer, it is useless. We haven’t seen much mention of protools or avid interfaces lately. Again, there is absolutely nothing we can do about Avid’s hardware. I’m sorry to hear about your frustrations, Tdawgg. Now, like I said, I had all the same issues as you.

Digidesign WaveDriver & ASIO Drivers

If you have Pro Tools LE 6. Yes, the ASIO Driver can also be used as a stand-alone driver without Pro Toolswith any of the Digidesign hardware systems listed at stanalone top of this page.

I STILL cant get the “extra content” to install, so when I open a demo session, it tells me all kinds of plug-in files are missing. It’s been that way for over a decade. There is no need for Pro Tools 6. Third-party software support has always been on the back burner for them. Isn’t this something that Cakewalk should warn people who own this hardware about, BEFORE they plunk down thier stanralone money, and sit around for a week trying to make the two work together??


Problem with SONAR and AVID hardware.

The content file you can just drag to your harddrive and point sonar too it. It’s a no-brainer feature that they included in the first ProAudio version, and they never even thought of documenting it on a marketing “feature list” since it would quite simply be a broken DAW without it.

Digi really is the one that needs to tell you that there interface will not work with other manufacturers software. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Yes, the driver will only work on systems running Windows XP. If this occurs, let the system complete its reboot, then manually reboot the system again to regain ASIO functionality.

Should this happen, use a higher Buffer Size setting. I noticed that the installer put the default VST plugin folder inside the Session drummer folder for some reason.

Shame on both companies for not letting thier customers know about this issue You can have both interfaces connected to your system at the same time, so that stanndalone be a problem.

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Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? To Link to this download, please use http: I think this one falls more on digidesign than cakewalk.

Digidesign ASIO Driver for Windows XP

Also, in a joint collaboration with Propellerhead Software, Digidesign has added Rewire 2 support with all Pro Tools 6. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Audio output is not effected.

I’m not a fan of qsio tools not you. That was the only glitch I came across at this point with Sonar. Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Hey DaSpot, I’m not sure if you’re aware that you’re responding to a four-and-a-half-year-old thread, but If you encounter problems with your third-party software program, please contact the manufacturer.