The glossy lead needs a lot of cleaning. This is especially true for the synthetic material used for the palm rest areas, which does not feel nice to the touch. So, this notebook is clearly outperformed by newer notebooks which are equipped with superior integrated graphics processors made by Nvidia or ATI e. Furthermore, we did not like its noise characteristics. Furthermore, we felt nearly uncomfortable with a keyboard sagging that much. At least this is an absolute low-end notebook. Dell Vostro A at Ciao.

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Although Dell chose a modest battery 48 Wh for this budget laptop, the battery life of the Vostro A does not disappoint compared to similar notebooks. Please share our article, every link counts!

But, the optical drive is noisy while spinning the disc. This behaviour is especially bothersomebecause you might even in times of low load xell relative silence face a suddenly audible fan. The styling reminds on the luxurious Asus W2 series, however, only from the distance. Two USB ports next to each other are not ideal. Considering the price tag of this Dell laptop, the quality of the screen is simply outstanding.

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Even if the CPU is not stressed, the fan is sometimes audible. While bluetoogh should give this laptop a more elegant look, they are also very sensitive to fingerprints. If the computer was used in a hot environment without air-conditioning, it can get seriously inconvenient. Loudspeakers The speakers are not impressive. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. One could value this as a clear commitment of Dell to quality panels, if even the cheapest models are equipped with such.


Although the Vostro A is not equipped with very powerful hardware and its cooling system works intensely during load, its chassis can heat up quite a bit. With the Vostro A Dell tries to penetrate the low-end notebook market once again.

We were promised a test sample just after it had been announced, but there was an unexpected delay. Vostro A is a considerably noisy notebook. During the test one of our testers even wondered, whether the design of this notebook won’t backfire, because it could tarnish Dell’s reputation.

Audio-in, Audio-out, Card Reader: The colours are saturated, bright, and rich in buetooth. First and foremost one has to note the high brightness of this screen. In the closed notebook there is still a considerable gap between the top case and the lid. This is especially true for the synthetic material used for the palm rest areas, which does not feel nice to the touch. Dell homepage Dell notebook section. An Intel GMA X blyetooth, an integrated solution without dedicated graphics memory, is responsible for graphics processing.


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If you are looking for a budget laptop with a good non-reflecting screen, you have found one. Measuring 69x37mm is is a little long. With profile “Balanced” selected, the situation got really bad when the battery was recharged, while having five Internet browsers open at the same time. Unfortunately, the Vostro A is somewhat noisyand in our opinion this is one of its major disadvantage.

In contrast the hard drive is really quiet.

Dell Vostro A Outdoor. The lid cannot be opened by more than about degreesbut this does not really limit the usability. The glossy lead needs a lot of cleaning. Precisely speaking, this occurs on a limited area, in the left front part. Their travel is not too long and they are not too loud. Finally we got hold of a test sample, which we’ll describe in detail this test report. In fact the Vostro trounces any competition in its category, even if you consider all low-priced laptops and not only those with matte screen.