The original version of the driver was written specifically for the MCF processor. It has since been made to work on other members of the ColdFire family. The ColdFire instruction set is “assembly source” compatible by means of translation software available from the vendor and not entirely object code compatible with the Since then, additional contributions were provided by Vladimir Lasky and most recently a big upgrade by Christian Walter. The platform HAL can provide the address.

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Optionally the ethernet driver can maintain statistics about the number of incoming and transmitted ethernet frames, receive overruns, collisions, and other conditions. Etherneet and Usage Details The basic steps to get everything running is to check if the preemptive timer tick is working as expected.

Next the value of the stack pointer is stored in the task control block pxCurrentTCB. Manipulating this option is fine if the configuration will only be used on a single board.

You can use the patches written by me which are available on the patches tab of the website. Posted by Francois Bouchard on February 3, Hence the interrupt priority has little or no effect on the system’s eghernet. If the target hardware boots via RedBoot and uses a block of flash to hold configuration variables then one of these variables will be the MAC address.

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Common manufacturer s NXP Semiconductors. For example the target board may have a small serial EPROM or similar which is initialized during board manufacture.

As downloaded this demo application includes a fully functional port of lwIP 1. The output should look like: Since then, additional contributions were provided by Vladimir Lasky and most recently a big upgrade by Christian Walter.

These take four more bytes. On starting Ethrenet for the first time a configuration dialog will appear that allows you to select your target device.

NXP ColdFire

There are a number of possibilities:. If there are special requirements, for example if the board has to be hardwired to communicate at 10Mbps rather than autonegotiate the link speed, then usually this is handled by fixed logic levels on some of the PHY pins or by using jumpers. This is the lwIP port. However if multiple etjernet run applications with the same configuration then they would all have the same MAC ethdrnet, and the resulting behaviour is undefined.

The third one belongs to the web server and processes HTTP requests. It works for a while, I’m able to connect to the board using a web browser, but then it stops working. Some members of the Freescale ColdFire family of processors come with an on-chip ethernet device. Cooldfire check task The check task executes periodically.

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The port uses lwIP 1. Click here to view a static menu. Efhernet is defined in the m Fail Safe File System: Entering the commands in the Insight console. See the RTOS demo pages for further information.

[RTOS Support] ColdFire Ethernet with LWIP and FreeRTOS

Configuration Options This ethernet package should be loaded automatically when selecting a target containing a ColdFire processor with on-chip ethernet, and it should never be necessary to load it explicitly. Freescale ColdFire Coldcire Driver. Make sure that you have entered the correct device names the same name as the bdm-chk tool: Contains the demo application code.

If your are not using an MCF processor you will need to make some changes here. Below is a static menu. Type etherner copying” to see the conditions.

Stack frame What you can see here is that before the Exception the SP pointed to 0xac30 where we can now find the return address 0x as well as the exception frame and the processor status register etherner