I am able to create a datasource with Oracle9i database without any problems BUT I shall mention it anyways. I will write in more detail To begin, create a new report design. So I try to pass the connection like: In the graphical designer, there are three main tabs: Thu, 05 June

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Figure 5 shows the query used to retrieve the employees in this example. The BIRT report designer is a very robust development environment. The established connection to the data source is not active.

And please note one more thing. Failed to prepare the following query for the data set type org. I am having facing some errors while creating a datasource. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

The question mark represents the parameter to be filled in by the user. Next, create the database connection in three steps: If your JDBC drivers came in a. BIRT is available for download here. Sun, 08 June When I try to create a new datasource with Oracle11g, there is a problem: Are you getting an oracle error oraclr jdbc error?


EclipseZone – Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Project

Regards, Subash Thomas Report message to a moderator. Figure 5 – Edit Data Set dialog, with an example entry.

Code example would be nice. Hi, Not sure this will solve your problem, but have you tried with ojbdc5. In the report designer, three sections are available for data tables: Thu, 05 June The Property Editor changes at this point, adding multiple tabs along the bottom.

Layout, Code, and Preview. I just used some bugged version of BIRT 4.

Report designs are then published to this server for delivery. This report illustrates some of the basics of working in the Oravle environment. Demonstration The remainder of this article discusses the basics of installing BIRT into Eclipse, and demonstrates building a simple report off of an Oracle database birh familiarize the reader with the BIRT environment. Figure 8 – Finished Report Preview.

It is an open source report development environment built on top of the Eclipse framework. However, reporting has been one of the areas severely lacking in the Open Source world.

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Rgds, Subash Report message to a moderator.

Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools Project

Does Birt have support for the Oracle 11g database. This adds a lot of flexibility in the delivery method by allowing developers to customize the look and feel of the requesting forms and the ability to leverage other plug-ins on the base platform.

Figure 6 shows the Report Detail section after the query fields are dragged into the data table. Code allows custom scripting for report events, and Preview presents real-time representation of the current report. Due to the size of my database, it takes quite a bit of time for the next dialog box to pop up; hopefully bigt is something that will be fixed in future releases of BIRT.

The following installations are required before installing BIRT: